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asked: Do tell me about yourself and your lady! I know you both live in the woods. Is this by choice I assume? How is it when it rains? Tell me fun things!


i live in the woods because it is cheap and i can do anything i want to do in the bushes and not get shit for it.

my girlfriend is addicted to crystal meth and she is going to rehab* in a few weeks.

while she is in jail, i am going to spend my savings on lumber and build a new house in Berkeley or something. 

San Francisco is trash.

San Francisco is garbage.

take a steaming pile of poop and sprinkle some glitter on it. that is San Francisco.

hello, my name is Carl & I am a happy, loving human being. 


asked: So your URL caught me by surprise seeing as it was unfamiliar and what a lovely surprise it was. From a few posts I got a warm feel of you and the ray of light known as your girlfriend. You two seem like you would make great company for camping and enjoying life with. Much love and light to both of you!


this message is so beautiful. i love your blog, you look like a fun person to be around.. we would LOVE to hang out with you! 

close your eyes and imagine me feeding you donuts and candy while my girlfriend Nicole sews a hand-painted patch onto your sweater… probably something Mythological~~ Astrological~~

Even if you never make it out to San Francisco to hang out with us, you can  soak up the vibes through your computer screen as i tell you a story about myself on the internet.